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About Us

Cook Indian Food with our Authentic Spice Mixes

We blend traditional spices, provide you with our home recipes, and get you cooking great dishes at home!

Simplified recipes

Easy step by step recipes for novices through to experienced cooks

Family blends

Authentic family recipes steeped in culture and history

100% Natural

Nothing artificial added. No Preservatives, No Colouring and certainly No Flavour Enhancers

Freshly Ground to Order

Blended in small batches to order, ensuring balance and freshness

Get Spiced

Make authentic and delicious Indian food

Create real dishes as eaten by us at home. Adding our spices into your dish will help you acquiesce to that authentic taste and aroma. It's our unique blend of spices and step by step recipe guides that makes it both wholesome, and easy.

Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure like no other.

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Our spices

What’s inside?

Each blend is carefully balanced to match each dish. But here are some of the more common spices we use:

Chilli powder

What's Indian cuisine without a little heat?


For that nutty, aromatic flavour. Balances acidity with its earthiness.

Garam Masala

Not fiery hot, but adds a little warmth to any dish.


Because you know... Salt

Get Spiced

Our Spice blends:

Ground spices. Specially blended for you


Our History

Why Get Spiced?

Well why not? We both grew up in households where both our parents cooked. Knowing the family bond that cooking creates, we wanted to share this with the world. With a small dose of spice, and a larger dose of love, we hope these cooking can bring you the same joy it brought us.

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Probably the first time I ever tried curry


My first attempt at cooking. I added spoonful’s of spices under supervision


Using pre-mixed spices from Mum, I cooked my first curry people actually enjoyed


Realizing I enjoyed cooking, this is where I began to experiment


Mastered the dishes we now prepare for you


Get Spiced! Because we now have enough blends to share with the world


We’re not there yet, but we have so many blends we’re still working on!


Years of combined Cooking


Dishes cooked between us


Mistakes you don’t have to make


Our Blog News

Latest News From Blog

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What Our Customers Say

One of the reviews is from our cat. The others are from actual people we have asked to try the recipes.

The leftover chicken din dins was delicious. Sometimes I run into the kitchen late at night and steal some when everybody is shleeping.

Shadow Ops

Our Cat

It was very easy to cook such a great chicken curry! I will try the lamb next time, but my friends couldn't believe it that I cooked it. 10 out of 10!

Roman Pikuza

Happy customer!

I'm always skeptical about these mixed spices, but it was great to find something as good as what we cook at home, and with none of the usual additives. And I'm not just saying this because I got to sample the first batch!

Abdul Raheem