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Cook healthy

Or should we say healthier?

Now we’re not telling anyone to grow crazy on health foods. By no means is it a bad thing, but this is about cooking wholesome dishes that are free from added nasties found in so many different spice mixes out there.

We’ve seen so many spice mixes out there filled with so many of the usual culprits: MSG, food colouring, anti-caking agents and not forgetting preservatives. It shouldn’t be this hard to find something that not only tastes good, but doesn’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards.

That’s part of the reason we wanted to do this. God knows, a lot of the food I grew up eating was far from healthy, with bucket loads of vegetable oils, food colouring to make things pretty, and fried food galore! But whilst it’s nice to indulge every now and then, surely there’s a compromise here somewhere?

That’s part of why we set up Get Spiced. We wanted to share traditional cuisine, and all the goodness that lies therein. We welcome you to our store, and we absolutely love to hear your stories about your experiences with our spice mixes!