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North to South: The differences in Indian cuisine

Do you remember the first time you tried Indian food? Do you remember being blown away at the intense aromas and flavours? Yeah? Well I felt the exact same way when I tried South Indian food. It’s as exotic to me, as Indian food is to non-Indians.

The cuisine and variety in India is vast and plentiful, and whilst I grew up eating North Gujerati cuisine, I certainly enjoy dishes found in the south! I still remember the first time I tried a ‘Masala Dosa’, an eclectic combination of rice and lentils soaked overnight, and then ground into a batter. Served similarly to a French galette, the dosa is usually stuffed with spiced potatoes, but I’ve even had one stuffed with prawns! It’s served with Sambar (A vegetable stew made from lentils), red chilli chutney, tamarind chutney, and even coconut chutney. You simply cannot go wrong ordering a good dosa from a restaurant.

Alas, I grew up eating the cuisine of North India. This is the part of India that’s known more for S

Other parts of India such as Calcutta are known for their use of fish, whereas in the Punjab they’re known for cooking with butter, as opposed to oil.

There’s such a great variety, that you can spend a lifetime trying them all. The differences are what make us appreciate each individual speciality.