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Prawn Curry, with a lime twist

There’s something about food combinations that simply just work. Dark chocolate and raspberry, salmon and cream cheese, or even salt and pepper.

But when it comes to prawns, nothing beats a little (or a lot!) of garlic and lime. This prawn curry is a refreshing and modern twist on an otherwise traditional recipe.

Step one – Fry some onions until translucent. For a more rustic feel, I like to ensure I don’t dice them too finely.

Step two – Add in some whole spices. I like to use a little extra peppercorn, a few cloves and a couple of bay leaves. Once these have begun to heat up, add in your garlic. Now it’s time to go to our next step.

Step three – The Prawns. Big, chunky, shell-on and headless prawns are the ones you want to go for here. Cook them until they turn pink on a low heat, turning very often. Now add in your Get Spiced prawn curry mix.

Step four – Once the spices have oil seeping out of them, it’s time to add in a big squeeze of lime. One lime tends to do it, but if you want a strong twist of lime, feel free to add in two! You’ll need to be quick here, as we don’t want the prawns overcooking.

Step five – Add in your tomatoes. Around half a tin should suffice, or fresh tomatoes are even better. Stir occasionally, ensuring that the tomatoes amalgamate into the curry.

Step six – Like a little more gravy? I recommend adding in a little water, and allowing it to simmer for no longer than 5 - 6 minutes. When cooking larger prawns, it takes a little longer for them to turn rubbery, so there’s some flexibility in this…

 But don’t cook them too long, otherwise you’ll end up with a riot and rubber prawns for dinner!