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About Us

We love to cook

What's more, we love to cook great Indian food. So why not share?

Natural Spices

Free from all those artificial nasties

Healthy Dishes

Unlock the goodness found in our spices

Small Batches

Each blend is mixed to order by hand

Delicious Food

After all, that's the point, isn't it?

Go and get spiced

What is Get Spiced?

It isn't just about delicious food, it's about being able to enjoy it guilt-free.

Free Shipping

Included in the price

100% natural ingredients

Nothing bad added, nothing good taken away

Secure Payment

Pay via PayPal or your Credit Card

Friendly Support

Drop us an email, if you have any questions:


It all begins with just a sprinkle of curiousity, and a dash of daring


Pick the dishes you want to cook, and then order through our website


Nom Nom Nom! Get cooking, and then get eating some delicious food


Like it? Then Like Us, and try cooking another dish!

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